Amicantus are an award-nominated, contemporary, mixed-voice Choir from Stratford Upon Avon.

Formed in the Summer of 2012 they regularly stage their own concerts, perform at numerous local events and are available for Private Hire.

Please go to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter whilst our new site is being built.

Further details are available on enquire@amicantus.com.



Our next outing is this Sunday 21st July at 5.30pm at the wonderful FabFest at The Tramway Pub, Shipston Rd, Stratford. It’s a weekend-long FREE mini-Festival of all that is good about Stratford in an amazing venue. Why not make a weekend of it?

Hope to see you there.



Back in August we did something quite random and extraordinary.

Four members of Amicantus Choir recently performed on the ABC series The Great American Baking Show, a spin-off of the Great British Bake Off, following a request from Love Productions, the production company behind the hit TV shows.

The members, Tom Vickery, Jane Kocan-Payne, Maria Sykes and Stuart Kocan-Payne opened the finale of the Season 4 with a parody of Silent Night written for the show, and were then joined by Presenters, Spice Girl Emma Bunton and TV Host, Actor, Comedian and ex-American Footballer Anthony ‘Spice’ Adams.

Later, they also led all of the Bakers from the series out to the sound of Jingle Bells into the World-famous white tent where all of the families had joined them to hear the announcement of the winner as chosen by judges the legendary Baker Paul Hollywood and American Pastry Chef and Restaurateur Sherry Yard.

Filmed at Pinewood Studios nr London back in August, the experience was out of this world, as Stuart explains,

“We received an initial enquiry from Love Productions back in early August as we’d been recommended to them and they’d heard us perform. They were initially looking for a full choir to be part of the Holiday Edition of The Great American Baking Show to support the Christmas theme however as ideas changed and the production schedule was developed that eventually became the four of us.”

“We were given a parody of Silent Night along with a list of 5 or 6 traditional carols to learn and were provided with full, authentic Victorian costumes for the shoot. We recorded the parody fairly early in the day although the 4 or 5 takes we did were interrupted by noise and explosions from the adjoining lot where they were filming the latest Maleficent movie. We were also informed that Daniel Craig was in residence on the James Bond stage for the next instalment of that series.”

“The whole day was utterly fascinating just seeing what goes into making a show like this and there was one totally random moment where we were waiting in a holding tent behind the main tent that was packed with spare cooking ingredients, whilst dressed in full Victorian costume in a torrential thunderstorm waiting to go and sing Christmas carols in August in the Great British Bake off tent with celebrities milling around us along with a full production crew setting up cameras and various equipment.”

“Emma Bunton and Spice Adams were genuinely lovely and Spice even took the trouble to learn our names as we met up at various points throughout the day. It was a long day with several hours between shoots however we were able to explore the whole of Pinewood which in itself was just incredible”.

Despite UK audiences being unable to watch it live, the Great American Baking show Facebook page has uploaded a number of videos including the start and finish of the finale showing the members of Amicantus and it’s hoped that it’ll be shown on a streaming service in the not-too-distant future.

You can view the videos here:



We recently finished an exceptionally busy festive period with a large number of very well received events and bookings, and we’re now taking a well-earned rest before resuming next year with more concerts and making plans to record our second album.

For any booking enquiries please email enquire@amicantus.com in the first instance.

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